About us

Christakis X’’Nicolaou and SIA LTD company, is a family business approximately 100 years old, were around 1920 grandpa Chrysostomos and grandma Androniki, residents of Oikos village in Marathasa Valley, began to produce Soutzioukko, zivania and vine and sell them in fairs and to nearby villages. Today, 102 years old grandma Androniki flaunts her grandchild Chryso, who with her husband, her two daughters and her son continue the family business which has began in 1960 from her children and Chryso’s parents Thomas and Marianna. At a time when there is a strong shift to the cities, the family never left the village, but remained there faithful to the tradition trying to help in the development of the small community. Since1992, Christakis and SIA LTD company is engaged in processing, packaging and marketing of nuts and Cypriot products, such pastelaki, delights, siousiouko, nougats and more. From then until today, they continue to offer you and your families all the best and most delicious, but above of all quality. The company is equipped with full equipment and the latest technology equipment, always following the food safety system HACCP and implementing ongoing health checks, thus offering customers safety and quality enjoyment.