Following our family's tradition since 1920

Our story dates back to 1920 when our great grandparents Chrysostomos and Androniki started producing wine, zivania and soutzoukos and sell them to local fairs and nearby villages.

Today, three generations later, we operate the same production unit in Oikos Village of Marathasa Valley, and we can proudly boast of being one of the few family businesses in Cyprus with a rich, decades-long history of success and innovation.

Following the same recipes and adapting them to modern production techniques, we produce the purest and finest traditional delicacies and dried nuts that you can find in the island of Cyprus.


  • Antonios Loizides
    Variety of nuts, fresh, salted fruits, even tea and coffee...With a smile and impeccable service.
    Antonios Loizides
  • Zoe Eliades
    Excellent products at very reasonable prices with perfect service. They offered us generously from almost all kinds of nuts and dried fruits for testing and we did not know what to do first. There are also a variety of mixes of spices and tea items that are sold in bulk and allow the customer to buy the quantity they want.
    Zoe Eliades
  • Tatiana Philippou
    Everything is perfect! A wonderful place! Excellent staff!
    Tatiana Philippou
  • Demetra Antreou
    It's that something, the different, the traditional that was missing from Nicosia!! Excellent store with a wide range of products for all tastes. Excellent staff with a happy mood!!!
    Demetra Antreou
  • Andreas Georgiou
    Polite staff from the most important element I would say helpful! Nice nuts, teas, and dried fruits and herbs and generally variety in their category. Nice decoration and cleanliness
    Andreas Georgiou
  • Kyriakos Christodoulides
    Great store with very helpful staff! Excellent quality
    Kyriakos Christodoulides
  • Tom Mousoulides
    An earthly paradise of fruit and nut dishes, chocolate sweets, spoon sweets of traditional products! A haven on earth for traditional sweets, preserved fruit nuts and seeds chocolates and traditional Cyprus products!
    Tom Mousoulides
  • Christodoulos Antoniou
    Unique tea recipes and many more!!!
    Christodoulos Antoniou
  • Elena Katsi
    Excellent Place!! Great Quality!!
    Elena Katsi
  • Constantinos Hajispyrou
    Best dried nuts in town with very fast delivery! Keep it going!!
    Constantinos Hajispyrou
  • Andreas Charalambous
    Huge range of dried fruits, nuts, spices and sweets. Nice cosy atmosphere. Great Service. Reasonable prices.
    Andreas Charalambous
  • John
    Really nice selection of tea,spices and nuts. Friendly stuff. Would definitely recommend for any tea lovers.
  • Michail Sarikas
    Great variety and very helpful staff. Nice atmosphere too.
    Michail Sarikas
  • Michail Sarikas
    Great variety and very helpful staff. Nice atmosphere too.
    Michail Sarikas

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